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Data Driven Marketing Procurement RightSpend ABOUT RIGHTSPEND

What makes RightSpend different from other marketing consultancies?

Our people: we are a unique and varied pool of talent with expertise across finance, marketing, technology and procurement.

Our software: we deliver fast and accurate, real work results in real time in response to the changing marketing landscape.

About RightSpend

RightSpend is a bespoke online data-driven procurement platform and a leading global marketing consultancy.

The RightSpend platform helps brands gain clarity and greater control over their marketing spend.

Our Services

We are more than a data and software business. We're consultants, so we're here to offer our software training and marketing procurement expertise.

If you have a problem or challenge, we're always happy to have a conversation.

Our additional services include:

  • Procurement transformation
  • Market Negotiation Support
  • Efficiencies & Benchmarking
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing Dynamics


We believe brands and agencies are championing for more trust, fairness and transparency within their relationships and the ever-growing data driven marketing industry.

It’s a conversation we’ve been part of for some time, it’s why we set up RightSpend and the good news is, we’re hearing it more and more.

As team of professionals with many years of industry expertise, it makes sense. It’s a sign of the times; advertising evolves and innovates – a great thing – but with fast paced progression and technology comes complexity. We make more content, add more marketing channels and constantly refine and repurpose to try to optimise reach and performance.

It makes it even trickier to keep up with techniques and costs, meet consumer demands and deliver results. Advertising may have changed and speeded up but our processes and our brand / agency interactions haven’t.

We still need to talk, agree and sign off. Negotiations can be slow and so this is where we and the RightSpend platform comes in.

We’re the house of marketing data and insights, helping brands gain clarity and control over their marketing spend, and facilitate meaningful conversations with their agencies - in real time, based on real accurate data.



We are here to talk, if you want to find out more, have an upcoming challenge or a problem unsolved.

Get the data and insight you need to negotiate your agency contracts and ensure you get the right service, for the right amount of time, at the right price.

Manage your marketing spend and maximise your agency relationships more effectively and in real time.

Build trust, fairness and transparency within your agency relationships.

Have straight up conversations about money, time and process with your agency partners.

RightSpend allows you to flex and change with an ever-evolving marketing world and deliver consistent results.