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Data Driven Marketing

If you are looking to save money on your marketing spend while bringing in new business, then RightSpend can help. We’re the industry’s number one pick for data driven marketing strategies that are proven effective. Through our bespoke approach and expert industry knowledge, we can help brands save money while managing their agency relationships more effectively and in real time. Want to find out more? Then take the tour or get in touch by completing our online contact form.

Skilled at Marketing Procurement

If like many businesses, you find yourself spending a small fortune on marketing each year, you may be interested to know that there is a better alternative. At RightSpend, we help companies slash their marketing budget while maintaining excellent agency relationships. We offer access to an unrivalled database as well as an approach to data driven marketing which is fair and transparent.

You’ll enjoy complete clarity and absolute control over your marketing spend while you continue to deal with RightSpend. We’re the logical choice for data driven procurement, and here’s why.

RightSpend – The Logical Choice for Data Driven Marketing

At RightSpend, we benchmark data for no less than 75 global markets with billions in spend assessed every single year. Our capabilities span ten different marketing disciplines with a drive to seek out data driven procurement results. And that’s not all; our database is classified by agency size, type, and geographic location.

This enables metric specific tracking, benchmarking, and detailed analysis. In short, we’re able to deliver a data driven marketing service that’s entirely bespoke. It can be tailored to your company’s goals, ensuring a desired outcome that sees these goals fulfilled.

With RightSpend, you’ll be able to have transparent conversations with agency partners. You’ll be better placed to make decisions based on useful information and have peace of mind that all the facts are to hand. You can build budgets and created detailed scopes of work, assess staffing plans, and base your decisions on metrics, such as overhead cost and FTE hours.

With a marketing procurement platform capable of covering 350 unique marketing deliverables, you’ll have all the scope you need moving forward. And you’ll be free to track and report your staffing scope and costs, ensuring that both you and your agency are on the right track. We think that once you’ve spent time working with our platform, you’ll agree that it’s the best platform for your business.

Would you like to learn more about our data driven marketing approach? Then make sure you get in touch with RightSpend today.

Why Come to RightSpend for Data Driven Procurement?

At RightSpend, we’re proud to be leading the field in data driven marketing. We work with small, medium and large global and local brands and apply our expertise across a multitude of sectors. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the right service for the right amount of time at the right price. To do this, we cultivate the necessary data to help you negotiate you better negotiate your agency contracts.

We allow you to flex and change to meet the needs of your business as we confront an ever-changing landscape. Such flexibility is not offered by many other businesses in our niche, and the same can be said for our commitment to building trust, honesty, and fairness within your agency relationships. And what about the benefits? These include:

Marketing Procurement
  • Manage and Track Your Marketing Spend More Efficiently
  • Respond Quickly to Ever-Changing Consumer Demands
  • Unparalleled Global Reach
  • Up-to-Date Data and Insights from Actual Negotiated Brand and Agency Contracts
  • Centralised System – Access All Data Quickly and Easily Online

If you would like to read more about our marketing procurement successes, our case studies have more information. Or you can also read up on our white papers which will shed more light on what we at RightSpend have to offer.

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Looking to take control of your marketing spend? Then adopt a data driven marketing approach that’s proven to work. To find out more, get in touch with RightSpend by completing our online contact form.