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Data Procurement for Consumer Goods Companies

Are you looking for a company that specialises in tracking marketing spend and keeping abreast on market developments? Well, look no further than RightSpend. We provide data procurement for consumer goods companies and many others in varying sectors. By enlisting our expertise, you will be able to realise the best use of your marketing spend and how to enhance client relationships. For more information about what we can do for you, contact us by filling in our online form. 


Get Better Insight with Marketing Procurement 

Here at RightSpend, our main endeavour is to help businesses learn about their marketing spend and find ways to reduce it. As specialists in bespoke data driven procurement, we work closely with clients to learn about their processes and how they develop agency relationships. By providing real-time data, we can help our clients make effective changes. 

For businesses in food production, clothing, electronics and more, we provide expert data procurement. For consumer goods companies, it is imperative that they use their marketing in the right way. This is because without adequate attention to marketing, you will miss out on crucial business.  

When you work with our team here at RightSpend, we will provide you with full transparency. You will get direct insight into agency costs, time, and processes. All of our marketing procurement will be made available to you via our web-based (SaaS) platform, giving you real-time statistics. It will allow you to compare with competitors and see where best to make changes. 

Our bespoke data driven procurement is vital for global businesses as it provides a full and comprehensive database. Here, you will be able to find real world data. There are many benefits to opting for our system, and they include: 

  • Ability to build fee proposals  
  • Import marketing budgets 
  • Get detailed insights 
  • Analysis 
  • Reporting 


Data Driven Marketing Procurement


Case Study 

If you are deliberating about choosing our data procurement for consumer goods companies, then take note of our previous experience. We worked closely with a multi-national company within the sector and helped them to understand their marketing strategy and scope. We used our online system to compare hourly rates by job function across 43 global markets. 

It was found that their hourly rates were 21% higher than those found in our accumulated data. With the help of our marketing procurement, we were able to support the client in renegotiating their rates. As a result, they enjoyed a 16% direct savings reduction in fees.  

In addition to this, our bespoke data driven procurement encouraged the client to amend their contracts. Rather than use one global average, they made amendments to hours and FTE overhead rates depending on each country. 


Why Choose Our Data Procurement for Consumer Goods Companies? 

With our platform covering 350 unique marketing deliverables, we can help you create a benchmark staffing plan. Data procurement for consumer goods companies is very important, and we can help you assess where best to spend your money. Here at RightSpend, we take into account agency hourly rates, overhead cost, direct base salary, and FTE hours. 

RightSpend was developed by Beekman Associates, a leading global marketing consultancy company. By creating a programme that focuses on data procurement for consumer goods companies, we can help businesses all around the world. We have grown an impressive reputation for what we do, giving clients more control over their marketing spend. 


Contact Us 

For more information about data procurement for consumer goods companies, get in touch with a member of our team. You can reach us by filling in our online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.