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Data Procurement for Technology Companies

Do you work in tech and feel that youre not spending in the right places? By enlisting the expertise of RightSpend, we can help you keep track of your marketing spend. We provide data procurement for technology companies and many other businesses. With a backing of industry experience and a sleek online platform, you can control your spend and improve agency relationships. To get started, contact us by filling in our online form. 


The Number One Choice for Data Driven Marketing Procurement 

Here at RightSpend, we have a digital platform that goes above and beyond to provide clients with crucial marketing data. For technology companies, there is no need to consider any other platform. We will help you benchmark and track your marketing spend so that your resources are going to good use. 

With a realm of businesses in tech, it is more important than ever to accumulate marketing data for technology companies. By coming to RightSpend, you will have access to an online platform that provides complete transparency over agency costs, time spent, and processes. We cover more than 75 global markets and 10 agency disciplines. 

Our data driven marketing procurement service will help you create benchmarks from actual negotiated contracted rates. This will give accurate and real-time comparisons so you can make some informed decisions on your processes. Our database is unique as it provides you with up-to-date marketing data. 

This form of marketing data for technology companies is crucial as you will be able to focus on how you can enhance your business and save some money. The platform will allow you to build scopes of work and input marketing budgets into the system. In return, you will receive detailed analysis, insights, and reporting. As well as receiving every bit of information you need, the system itself is: 

  • Easily Accessible 
  • Flexible 
  • Simple to Use 
  • Easy to Understand 


Marketing Procurement


Previous Work 

revious Work If you are wondering whether we are the right choice for you when it comes to data procurement for technology companies, consider our past work. We have worked with many companies in this sector, one of which has a global brand. During our initial findings, we noticed that our clients MSAs were non-marketing centric and didnt offer much transparency with agency rates. 

There were many elements that lacked definition and failed to represent fair market benchmarks. With the help of our data driven marketing procurement, we helped them move in the right direction. Across top 8 marketing agencies, we were able to help the client identify $5.9m in savings. 

The client also introduced new agency MSA language with the help of our definitions and best practices. By using our marketing data for technology companies, we were able to train internal stakeholders on agency compensation methodologies and negotiations.  


Why Hire Us for Data Procurement for Technology Companies? 

Here at RightSpend, we have an unrivalled database that helps companies adopt a transparent approach to many elements of their business. By coming to us for data procurement for technology companies, we can help you have more open and honest conversations with your agency partners. 

By covering 350 unique marketing deliverables, we can assist in you creating a benchmark staffing plan. Our data procurement for technology companies also allows you to track and report your staffing scope and costs. This will help you keep on top of your yearly targets. Having been developed by Beekman Associates, RightSpend has the backing of more than 18 years of industry experience. 


Contact Us 

For more information about data procurement for technology companies, get in touch with our team here at RightSpend. Fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.