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RightSpend has made a name for itself in the Marketing Procurement industry delivering savings and efficiencies.



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Reinvest savings and increase your marketing budget.

RightSpend is an invaluable part of your Marketing Procurement team

As our system is driven by proprietary data, covering 75 global markets and 10 agency disciplines, curated from actual negotiated contract rates – not rate cards, we stay impartial.

RightSpend gives you current and accurate comparisons at your fingertips. With direct access you can quickly see where you could get more value from your agency and more bang for your marketing buck.

We’re not here to question your agency, to strip costs to the bare bones –that just ends up with unhappy results all around.

RightSpend is designed to add value to your agency relationships – taking the emotion out of negotiations and focusing each party on the benefits of transparency when it comes to marketing spend.

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Stronger Marketing Budgets 

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Evidence that Procurement are adding value

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WHY RightSpend?

RightSpend is more than data. Our system is complemented by an experienced and knowledgeable team. Providing bespoke consultancy, evaluation and research to enhance the RightSpend experience.

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Trusted by hundreds of brands around the world

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Analysing thousands of contractual negotiations

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Assessing +$10bn marketing procurement spend

Manage your marketing spend and maximise your agency relationships more effectively and in real-time.

Build trust, fairness and transparency within your agency relationships.

Get the data and insight you need to negotiate your agency contracts and ensure you get the right service, for the right amount of time, at the right price.

Have straight-up conversations about money, time and process with your agency partners.

RightSpend allows you to flex and change with an ever-evolving marketing world and deliver consistent results.

RightSpend System Data and Insights and Data-Driven Marketing


How well do you know your data?

Find out how we can help you maximise your marketing budgets and take your scope of works to the next level.


We share our knowledge and expertise to help you get the most from your Marketing Procurement.

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Client with RightSpend team support used RightSpend data to compare current hourly rates…


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RightSPEND Is an integral part of your marketing procurement process