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The Marketing & PRocurement teams within A global technology company were facing some issues…

  • Under pressure by the C-Suite to significantly reduce marketing spend, without reducing activity.
  • A lack of tools and resources meant the existing marketing procurement process was unsupportive.
  • Marketing spend metrics and ROI were not being measured, they were relying purely on campaign ROI to justify spend.

Sound Familiar?

By looking at 4 key areas of their marketing procurement, we delivered 20% ($7.98m) in savings within Just 6 months.

Here’s a summary of how…

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  • Benchmarked $40m of total marketing spend
  • 20% of savings identified within the first 6 months.
  • Cost model analysis created to support future  budgeting.
  • Advanced ROI clearly demonstrated.
  • All agencies are now required to provide a detailed staffing list (including locations)
  • Offshoring, in-housing and decoupling strategies all benefiting from data intelligence.
  • Decisions are now backed by robust data.
  • It’s easy to demonstrate a clear reduction in budget without affecting marketing activity.
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  • Compensation transparency  now forms a contractual obligation.
  • Standardised templates and best practice formats for all future scopes of work (SOW).
  • A new agency MSA language has been introduced, to bring consistency and efficiencies.
  • Documentation created to streamline the contractual process and provide clarity to non-marketing stakeholders.
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  • Efficiencies established in the marketing procurement process – saving significant time, money and resource.
  • All SOWs are tracked and managed in a single location.
  • Clear cost drivers established and shared with all stakeholders
  • Consistent metrics are shared, tracked and analysed by all shareholders, including agencies.
  • An internal workflow is used for all agency projects.
  • Annual agency reviews undertaken by a cross-department committee.
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  • A collaborative approach brings marketing & procurement together.
  • Extensive training ensures all stakeholders are on the same page, working together to shared goals.
  • Agency expectations have been reset and clearly defined.
  • Agency partners are encouraged to provide transparency and clarity.

Meet the Team

The team behind RightSpend are a unique and talented bunch, with expertise across finance, marketing, technology and procurement.

RightSpend clients discussing the benefits of using the system to improve their marketing procurement process

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Founder / CEO

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Marcus Bennett

Business Manager

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RightSpend making marketing procurement process easier

Sally Fields

account manager

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Marketing team member reading RightSpend's data-driven analytics

Marcus Bennett

Business Manager

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And, it’s not just that client…

We consistently DELIVER advanced ROI & EFFICIENCIES

On average, our clients save ~20% on their marketing spend which is reinvested into more marketing or delivered as savings to the bottom line.



reinvested into additional marketing by an FMCG company.


in savings delivered to the bottom line by a tech company.


additional ROI for a Pharma company.


saved by a Financial Services company.

take control of your Marketing Budget.

Deliver significant results.