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Why do CMOs love RightSpend?

  • Data-driven marketing budgets and planning
  • Optimised marketing spend
  • Accurate investment decisions
  • Clear reporting on ROI


Why do CPOs love RightSPend?

  • Up-to-date analytics
  • Tools to optimise & right-size spend
  • Efficiencies in the procurement process.
  • Confidence in the negotiation process


Why do CFOs love RightSpend?

  • Advanced ROI
  • Identify areas for investment
  • Evidence results in added value.
  • Demonstrate efficiencies & savings


CMOs are under more pressure than ever to make every marketing dollar count. Without RightSpend, it’s a shot in the dark. You don’t know where to deploy your budget, you don’t know where to focus negotiations with your agencies, and you don’t know where wastage is happening.

RightSpend gives you the insight to ensure your agencies are paid fairly and, at the same time, you’re maximising your deliverables.

  • Efficient process for reviews and onboarding agencies
  • Insight into where to invest your marketing dollars
  • Analytics to optimise your budget

Get more control of your marketing spend, know where every dollar is being invested and identify areas of inefficiencies. Are you paying too much? RightSpend will soon tell you.

Get your projects underway quickly, without being slowed down by negotiations or pricing queries. RightSpend streamlines the process.


Without RightSpend, you rely on historical data and insight to inform your procurement. You are planning and negotiating with one arm tied behind your back.

RightSpend gives you reliable and independent data and insight to ensure you’re paying fair prices without wastage.

  • Power to negotiate even better deals
  • Big data at your fingertips
  • Insight into procurement process efficiencies
  • Analytics to effectively help manage marketing’s budget even better

Negotiate with more confidence, based on reliable, up-to-date benchmark data to expedite the procurement process and ensure reviews and audits are based on factual data.

Right-size your contracts and collaborate strategically with marketing to ensure every dollar invested provides a strong ROI.


Without RightSpend, finance teams rely on procurement to demonstrate the value they bring to the table. There is no data to evidence how the corporate budget is put through its paces.

RightSpend delivers that data.

RightSpend gives you:

  • Data-driven marketing procurement
  • Substantial Return on Investment
  • Analytical reports to evidence value.

Optimise your marketing spend with benchmarked pricing on staffing, assets and deliverables to negotiate fair agency contracts.

Complete visibility on your marketing spend and streamline your procurement process to further enhance your ROI and bottom line.

How much can RightSpend save us?
It depends on a few things, particularly your marketing expenditure. But typically, we save clients between 10% and 30%.

Save doesn't have to mean budget cuts. Many clients use these savings to invest in additional marketing activity, which means MORE, not less.

And, saving doesn't have to mean financially. RightSpend also delivers savings in terms of time and processes.
Why do we need RightSpend?
You might already be benchmarking and tracking your data yourselves, but the marketing landscape changes quickly, so your data goes out of date just as fast.

Internal benchmarks are usually based on desk research and past expenditure, with a bias to your specific industry. RightSpend's data lake is vast, updated regularly, and the only marketing benchmarking based on negotiated rates, not rate cards.

RightSpend becomes an essential part of your procurement team; it does the heavy lifting for you.
Who does RightSpend work with?
Our current clients cover a wide range of industries and company sizes, including 30 of the top 100 global brands.

RightSpend tends to benefit companies with marketing budgets of +$5 million, as they'll see the most value and efficiencies. In fact, clients report that RightSpend pays for itself within 3 months.

Find out if RightSpend is a good fit for your business and how quickly you can see results by speaking to the team today.
Will you affect our agency relationships?
RightSpend is designed to improve transparency, and we champion strong agency relationships built on trust by both parties. RightSpend is not a race to the bottom.

Instead, fairness with your agencies instils a mutually defined framework that enables everyone to succeed.

Our clients report that RightSpend positively impacts their agency relationships and even strengthens internal relationships between marketing and procurement.
How much does RightSpend cost?
Our clients tell us that RightSpend pays for itself. Even from the first Scope of Work, the advanced return on investment can be seen within a matter of weeks.

For an indication of how much you could be saving with RightSpend, book a free demo with the team.
Do you offer marketing procurement advice?
Yes, we work on bespoke projects with many of our clients to advise them on their marketing procurement process. We help them to define their marketing procurement process, review large agency rosters, or whatever additional expertise or support they need.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing procurement from various angles, offering additional value from an advisory perspective.

Our Marketing Procurement consultancy is tailored to your needs, working with you to meet your objectives and deliver results.
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