Empowering cmos:
Unleashing the
power of
Marketing data

to drive enhanced marketing strategy & agency collaboration

We spoke to 500 marketing decision makers…

Graph 95%


say that staying on top of agency investments and maintaining open communication helps nurture long-term partnerships with their agencies.

Graph to show 47% of CMOs confess they’re too focused on growth and ROI to be on top of streamlining costs.


confess they’re too focused on growth and ROI to be on top of streamlining costs.

Graph to show that 89% of CMOs are concerned about meeting their marketing objectives and KPIs with their allocated budget.


are concerned about meeting their marketing objectives and KPIs with their allocated budget.

The results unmistakably indicate that CMOs recognise the significance of their agency partnerships and prioritise the exemption of these affiliations.

Given the current client of budget constraints and the demand to achieve challenging objectives, CMOs are actively seeking avenues to ascertain how to extract enhanced value from their investments.

“by embracing transformative technology, cmos stand at the forefront of a new era in marketing – one where data is the compass guiding us toward unparalleled success.”

Iain Seers, CEO

In an era where data reigns supreme, leveraging the insights offered by a data-driven marketing procurement platform is akin to gaining a new lens through which to perceive the marketing landscape.

RightSpend’s technology enables CMOs to delve into the intricacies of their marketing investments with unparalleled clarity. Through robust analytics and data-driven decision making, CMOs are empowered to make strategic choices that drive optimal outcomes.

Data provides the transparency required to allocate resources where they are most impactful, optimising spend efficiency and mitigating wastage. The result is a leaner, more focused marketing strategy that yields a higher return on investment.

Empowering CMOs to move from intuitive decision-making to strategic precision. Breaking free from the limitations of traditional methods, unlocking the potential data to drive innovation and ensure that every marketing pound, dollar or euro invested is maximised for impact and growth.

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Icon of a laptop with graphs on to symbolise marketing budgets


Icon of a stack of dollar coins to depict protecting profit margins


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RightSpend Marketing Procurement Data Screen example


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CMO being empowered by using marketing procurement benchmarking data to drive efficiencies and savings to her marketing budget


Find out how RightSpend took a tech company from ‘fixed-bid’ non-marketing centric MSA’s to identifying $5.9m in potential savings immediately.

CMO pleased to have access to marketing procurement benchmarking data on her computer

Financial Services

Find out how RightSpend enabled a Financial Services company to deliver a 25% reduction in cost & +$620k in efficiencies from one scope of work.

Hands on computer looking at data for marketing procurement efficiencies

CASE STUDY: Pharmaceutical 

Find out how a Pharmaceutical company turned a 23% increase in agency staffing costs to a 17% saving without affecting the deliverables.