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RightSpend’s Marketing Procurement platform enables marketing and procurement teams to deliver MORE…

Your Marketing team can access more marketing, more campaigns, more creative, or explore more channels.

Your Marketing Procurement team can access more efficiencies, more time and resource, and more savings.

Both teams can deliver more value and more profit to their business.

Using RightSpend’s Marketing Procurement Platform enables your procurement team to identify, evaluate, and select marketing agencies more efficiently, confidently negotiate contracts based on facts, not emotions, and ensure the agency delivers efficient and effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Tracking marketing spend and optimizing every aspect of your procurement process, using RightSpend’s marketing procurement platform will deliver advanced ROI and demonstrable value.

In today’s fast-paced procurement world, a marketing procurement platform is essential to enable you to use data and intelligence to optimize your marketing spend, improve supplier management, and streamline processes — helping you to drive cost savings, operational efficiency, and better overall marketing outcomes.


Procurement intelligence tools give you the right data to evaluate potential agency partners; enabling procurement teams to make informed decisions and appointing the most suitable suppliers.


marketing procurement data enables you to identify cost-saving opportunities and make strategic decisions regarding sourcing, pricing, and agency management.


analyzing marketing spend benchmarks and leveraging data allows you to reduce your marketing costs to make savings in the right areas and improve your bottom line.


track agency performance by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to quickly identify any underperforming suppliers, address issues, and optimize your supplier relationships.


real-time insights and actionable data empowers procurement teams to make informed strategic decisions.

What is a Marketing Procurement Platform?

RightSpend’s marketing procurement platform is a comprehensive software solution designed to ensure your marketing and procurement teams are more effective with their marketing spend and truly maximizing their return on investment.

Our marketing procurement platform is designed to improve transparency and visibility into your procurement process. Providing real-time data and procurement analytics to ensure your marketing procurement team can track and monitor their marketing spend, agency or vendor performance and evaluate the overall marketing budget.

Transparency means you can make informed decisions, negotiate better contracts, and identify areas of potential cost savings.

The RightSpend marketing procurement platform also facilitates collaboration and communication between stakeholders – internally and with agency partners. With a centralized single-source of truth, everyone is on the same page.

Streamlining vendor management means marketing procurement teams can efficiently manage their preferred agencies, conduct competitive RFPs, and evaluate agency performance based on predefined metrics. 

RightSpend’s marketing procurement platform will revolutionize your business’s marketing spend and procurement optimization.

Marketing Procurement intelligence tools play a crucial role in modern global business because of the valuable insights your teams can use to deliver a data-driven strategy.

Drive better outcomes, reduce costs, and achieve your marketing objectives more effectively with RightSpend.

RightSpend is a Marketing Procurement platform used by global brands to deliver procurement optimization and get more from their marketing spend. With clients accessing, on average, 20% of savings and efficiencies, RightSpend is an invaluable part of their business.

But it’s so much more than just savings…

Data Led Approach

RightSpend’s proprietary data enables global brands to make informed and well-rounded decisions based on real-world insight. With data-led decisions, your strategies and negotiations become based on facts, not assumptions.


RightSpend enables businesses to understand their marketing spend benchmark, negotiate better deals with their agencies and identify ways to maximize their efficiencies to deliver procurement optimization.


RightSpend streamlines your marketing procurement process, reducing the need for manual, repetitive work and ensuring seamless workflow. It saves marketing procurement teams significant time.


RightSpend facilitates transparent relationships with your agency rosters, which helps to enhance supplier selection, create an efficient onboarding process and deliver detailed performance tracking. With everything in one centralized system, the entire marketing and procurement team have a single source of truth.


RightSpend promotes better collaboration, both internally and also with your agencies. Ensuring alignment between marketing, procurement and finance to provide a holistic view of the value marketing delivers.


with one source of data, RightSpend provides transparency and clarity into your marketing spend, agency performance and overall effectiveness. Demonstrate to the board your effectiveness with clear marketing spend analysis and reporting.

Why Choose RightSpend’s Marketing Procurement Platform?


Choosing RightSpend levels up your procurement process, bringing you in line with many of your competitors already using the platform.

On average, our global clients save 20% of their marketing budget, which can be redeployed into more activity, new campaigns or creative experimentation into new channels. Or, those savings can be delivered back to the business’s bottom line. What it boils down to is more marketing bang for your buck.

With thousands of data points and over $10bn assessed annually, our data is based on real-world, negotiated rates, not just the standard rate card. So your procurement team understands the precise detail of your marketing spend benchmark and how your agency fees measure up.

Our data is backed by experts in the field, from marketing to production to procurement; we have years of experience to ensure that you can utilize and maximize the value from RightSpend.

Benchmark. Track. Monitor. Review. Report. All at the touch of a button.


Meet the Team

The team behind RightSpend are a unique and talented bunch, with expertise across finance, marketing, technology and procurement.

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Marketing team member reading RightSpend's data-driven analytics

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