Marketing Procurement team using RightSpend marketing platform

The value of marketing procurement

Marketing Procurement are an important element in empowering Marketing teams to become more strategic, data-driven and agile Marketing Procurement has become a powerful ingredient within the marketing mix, offering Marketing teams access to data-driven insights and intelligence that allows for improved strategic thinking, increased agility, and holistic value creation. From cost-obsessed to data-driven, Marketing Procurement […]

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Man trying to improve marketing procurement processes

3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Procurement

Technology, data, analytics, are reimagining the shape of Marketing Procurement Marketing Procurement is one of the most dynamically evolving and changing disciplines right now. Thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation, Marketing Procurement is changing shape and direction.  Marketing Procurement has become an exceptional business enabler. Teams can use

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Smiling lady exceeding marketing ROI

How can data help you exceed Marketing ROI?

Marketing and Procurement can leverage the insights from the right data to transform spending and savings, strategically to exceed Marketing ROI. Data can provide your Marketing and Procurement teams with highly relevant insights capable of informing decision-making and transforming return on investment (ROI).  Wrapped within the data are nuggets of information capable of driving value,

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Team of Procurement professionals discussing procurement efficiencies

Enhancing Marketing Procurement Efficiencies

Turning accurate and relevant data into an obsession can transform cost management and enhance Procurement efficiencies Marketing Procurement can leverage data to ensure continuous cost optimisation and reduce inefficiencies and improve decision-making and supplier relationships. With RightData, designed to deliver relevant and timely insights, Procurement can reimagine its role within the business and enhance Marketing

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Woman reading about Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation – Automate. Streamline. Transform.

Procurement transformation led by smart solutions and agile systems are key to reimagining partnerships and creating long-term value  Historically, there has long been a disconnect between Marketing and Procurement. Instead of common ground, there was a battle between spend and priority and this often resulted in decisions that benefit neither side. Death by compromise! Yet

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Marketing Procurement team discussing agency selection

Agency Selection to Drive Growth  

Agency selection, choosing vendors whose vision aligns with your own, but importantly also has the right capabilities to drive growth will positively affect the return on your marketing investment.  This guide will articulate how making the right agency selection, proactive management, and performance-based contracts can unlock significant value to your marketing.  Establishing a consistent and

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Marketing Procurement data being assessed

Marketing Procurement Data for Intelligent Cost Cutting

Radical cost-cutting by companies, particularly in the technology sector, will potentially have a long-term impact on their branding and marketing. Fortunately, there is another way, as RightData explains… A recent Financial Times article revealed that the advertising agencies, particularly those working with tech companies, are seeing significant dips in profit and revenue. Cautious clients, complex

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Robot working on AI in marketing on a laptop

AI in Marketing: How will it affect your agency relationships?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has stepped straight into the limelight thanks largely to the remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT, a generative AI (GAI) interface that took the world by storm and showed  exactly how impressive this technology can be. AI in marketing is proving to be an invaluable asset – a tool that can help agencies and

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CMOs: Marketing Benchmarking

Marketing benchmarking provides Chief Marketing Officers with visibility into agency performance and the opportunity to transform campaigns and creativity.   How are Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) allocating their marketing budgets? Gartner has aptly described the current situation as one where ‘volatility becomes the new normal’ and so CMOs need to consider the cost of disruption

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Laptop on marble table with Marketing Procurement benchmarking being explored

Why Marketing Procurement Benchmarking?

Procurement is looking beyond cost cutting and savings towards influence, value and longevity. And that’s where Marketing Procurement Benchmarking comes in… Marketing procurement has evolved over the years to something beyond just numbers. Central to ensuring that marketing spend and agency selection are aligned with the business objectives and budgets, marketing procurement is now both

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iMac showing Marketing Procurement Intelligence via RightSpend system on against a brick wall

Marketing Procurement Intelligence

Reshape your marketing procurement intelligence, review your marketing spend and explore better clarity, transparency and insights Marketing Procurement intelligence plays a key role in today’s modern organisation. Key to meeting the evolving needs of the business, connecting brands to agencies in ways that build loyalty and longevity. However, Marketing Procurement faces its own challenges. It has to prove its

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RightSpend Consultancy RightAdvisor used in a meeting

Marketing Procurement Transparency – The 4 B’s

At a time when Marketing Procurement is still striving for transparency, it remains an essential principle at the heart of agency investment. In a future defined by data, marketing procurement transparency must be used to translate complexity into results and value. With the right partners, embedding open and honest communication into every engagement and marketing

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Marketing Procurement team logging into RightSpend platform

Why do we need marketing procurement transparency?

It feels like marketing procurement transparency has been a buzzword in the industry for years. The IPA and ISBA launched ‘The Magic & Logic’ 16 years ago, where they identified how Agencies, Marketing and Procurement can best work together to produce profitable growth; they explained that marketing procurement transparency is key to successful relationships. The

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Two girls looking at a screen with agency review data on

Marketing Agency Review

Regular marketing agency review helps both your brand and your agencies It’s important to regularly undertake a marketing agency review to ensure that you’re all walking to the beat of the same drum. And to ensure that they support your business as you find new ways to connect with customers in complex times. Your marketing

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Girl smiling at the latest Marketing Procurement Trends

Marketing Procurement Trends

We look at the latest Marketing Procurement trends and explore why they are so crucial to your business. Excellent Marketing Procurement is about adding value, finding greater efficiencies and doing more with less, which becomes even more critical in an economic downturn. Marketing Procurement is an invaluable part of any business and is the all-important

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Lady working in an office, blue tones, measuring the marketing spend

Marketing ROI: How and Why to measure your Marketing Spend

Why understanding your marketing ROI is important Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric for marketing. Defined as a measurement tool that helps you to maximise investments, refine campaigns, improve profitability and connect with customers, marketing ROI is a metric by which you can accurately assess the financial value of your campaigns. You want

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