Woman reading Data Stories book on how to use data to tell great stories

Discover your compelling data stories

You can harness your data to reveal the stories hidden within your organisation and optimise your growth potential. 

Data has the ability to reveal your unique brand stories which can inform your marketing procurement strategies and transform how your organisation thinks. 

Your data is a precious commodity, a unique tool capable of refining your processes and allowing you to reimagine your potential and identify new opportunities.

How can writing your own data story open the doorway and transform how your brand thinks, moves, and grows? 

Analysing your unique data to extract valuable narratives and build data stories that inspire can be an art form, but we think it’s worth it.  

Data Stories: Identify your Core Narrative  

The foundation to understanding data lies in asking smart questions designed to reveal key insights. 

Instead of just reporting on metrics, you can dig deeper by asking the right questions.

“Why is this happening?”

“What is the data telling me?”

Accurate and thorough analysis helps you build a stable foundation of insights and these can help you achieve more effective decision-making by up to 56%. It’s the high-performance equivalent of training consistently and methodically to achieve clearly defined business goals.

Crafting winning campaigns built on the foundations of data – relevant data unique to your brand and strategy – will keep you ahead of the game. You are tapping into your data stories and inspiring your customers, teams and stakeholders.

Your data insights are the threads that weave your compelling storyline.

Data Stories: Illustrate with Examples

The key to bringing your data story alive is to include specific examples that make it tangible and relatable. 

People relate more to stories when they can see something of themselves within the narrative. The specificity introduced by real-world examples can create “aha” moments that bring data stories to life.

A good data story can help you make more informed decisions or influence decision-makers, because your plans, your strategies and your next moves are all directed by data. When you have access to information that allows you to tell a great story, whether in your next marketing campaign or in your management report, you gain an immediate edge. 

Data Stories: Humanise Through Visuals

Rows of data alone rarely incite action. Using data stories to bring facts and figures to life on the page, however, can inspire and engage customers and stakeholders alike. 

There are so many creative ways you can do this, but the human touch never fails to help people visualise data. By humanising the statistics through smart narrative flow and compelling visuals, you activate ideas that can inspire change. 

Data stories are more than just nuggets of research, they are gateways to discovering new ways of working and thinking and can significantly change how you approach your personal, career and business  goals.

Explicitly connect the dots between insights and actions to focus direction and tell your data story; this is the best way for you to leverage the humanity of your data and the real-world relevance of your stories to achieve measurable results. 

The value of data

Data-driven companies achieve better financial performance, in fact they are 19 times more likely to be profitable. And, are more likely to survive in complex markets and environments. Capture your own data and analyse its value to reveal narratives designed to help you revolutionise the ways in which your brand manages its investments. 

Instead of assumption and legacy processes dictating how you invest in campaigns, agencies, markets and spend, it’s time to use data to illustrate the narrative, make accurate predictions and deliver measurable results.

If you understand your own data stories, you can inform and delight your colleagues, customers and partners. They will feel the depth in every word of your message.