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Marketing Procurement Intelligence

Reshape your marketing procurement intelligence, review your marketing spend and explore better clarity, transparency and insights Marketing Procurement intelligence plays a key role in today’s modern organisation. Key to meeting the evolving needs of the business, connecting brands to agencies in ways that build loyalty and longevity. However, Marketing Procurement faces its own challenges. It has to prove its …

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The 4 B’s of Marketing Procurement Transparency

At a time when Marketing Procurement is still striving for transparency, it remains an essential principle at the heart of agency investment. In a future defined by data, marketing procurement transparency must be used to translate complexity into results and value. With the right partners, embedding open and honest communication into every engagement and marketing …

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Why do we need marketing procurement transparency?

It feels like the marketing procurement industry has been using transparency as a buzzword for years. The IPA and ISBA launched ‘The Magic & Logic’ 16 years ago, where they identified how Agencies, Marketing and Procurement can best work together to produce profitable growth; they explained that marketing procurement transparency is key to successful relationships. …

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Marketing Agency Review

Undertaking a regular marketing agency review helps both your brand and your agencies It’s important to regularly undertake a marketing agency review to ensure that you’re all walking to the beat of the same drum. And to ensure that they support your business as you find new ways to connect with customers in complex times. …

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Girl smiling at the latest Marketing Procurement Trends

Marketing Procurement Trends

We look at the latest Marketing Procurement trends and explore why they are so crucial to your business. Excellent Marketing Procurement is about adding value, finding greater efficiencies and doing more with less, which becomes even more critical in an economic downturn. Marketing Procurement is an invaluable part of any business and is the all-important …

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Lady working in an office, blue tones, measuring the marketing spend

Marketing ROI: How and Why to measure your Marketing Spend

Why understanding your marketing ROI is important   Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric for marketing. Defined as a measurement tool that helps you to maximise investments, refine campaigns, improve profitability and connect with customers, marketing ROI is a metric by which you can accurately assess the financial value of your campaigns. You …

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Data: empowering Marketing Procurement efficiency

Clean and relevant data can transform how marketing, procurement and finance manage marketing budgets, assess the value of expenditure and approach decision-making. Data has long been described as the black oil of a business, and with good reason. The constant flow of insight, information, behaviours, customer interactions, agency costs and so much more, can be …

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Navigating the Talent Crunch

High demand, low supply – are brands and agencies struggling to find the right staff in the ‘talent crunch’? Talent is the lifeblood of creativity. Fine minds delivering campaigns and ideas that are delivered seamlessly  across markets and customers. However, today, the demand for talent is starting to outstrip supply. The talent crunch is affecting …

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Team of people (arms only) looking at graphs and data to assess competitive benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking in Marketing Procurement

The benefits of competitive benchmarking in transforming marketing procurement costs and strategic planning   There are immense benefits to competitive benchmarking. It  can be used to transform the challenges, complexities and negative practices within marketing and procurement that have affected these functions in the past. It can also help effect real change in how marketing …

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Man and woman working together with laptop to deliver advanced ROI to their business

How can Marketing Procurement deliver improved ROI?

RightSpend connects marketing, procurement and finance to deliver improved ROI through better reporting and insights.    Combined, procurement and marketing are key to adding value for companies. When sharing common goals, both are an essential element to ensuring the long-term and sustainable success of a brand and their campaigns.  The complexities and challenges that have …

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